And yet another story

Yep, another one. His Rape Fantasy is a new Institute for the Study of Interpersonal Intimacy story. I uploaded it today, and it’s already available at Smashwords, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble are still processing it. I’ll add links there as soon as I can.

The cover doesn’t really have any eye candy, but I think it illustrates the story well. Hope you like it. :)

Here’s the description: Alex has a secret fantasy, one he’s hidden for years. He wants to be raped. By another man. To be overpowered, held down, and raped. But it isn’t until he discovers the Institute for the Study of Interpersonal Intimacy, operating not far from his home town, that he begins to think it might be possible to actually indulge in his fantasy and come safely through to the other end.

Miss Shannon is intrigued when she gets Alex’s e-mail request, but she can’t just jump into fulfilling a fantasy like this one. Is it legitimate? Can she find the right people to do it? Can she carry it out safely? There are a lot of things to consider before she can finally decide to give Alex what he wants. But in the end, she knows she will…