New Stories

Joy! There are new stories!! I am ashamed of myself for not uploading the information here before now.Cover for The Football Player

Already up and available at B&N, Amazon and Smashwords is The Football Player, a story in the “Miss Shannon” circle, about the ISII in Louisiana.

“Deshaun is a defensive lineman for a professional football team, and he’s been having trouble with his game. So much trouble, it’s messing with his head. When he was growing up, his mama gave him a “whuppin’” when he got in trouble. Now he’s going to visit Miss Shannon at the Institute for the Study of Interpersonal Intimacy, in hopes that a “treatment” will help him get his head straightened out.”

I’m also working on a new series: “Cougars on Spring Break.” It’s about four ladies who head to South Padre Island in Texas on spring break and the adventures they find there. Each story is about one of the women. I have the cover for the first one… Enjoy.

Cover to Cougars on Spring Break: Carly's Naked Boy Toy